Art in Paradise Pattaya

Art in Paradise pattaya 2

Now we know that an art gallery is not the most likely destination for many a tourist. However Art in Paradise Pattaya is different to your usual art gallery. The relatively new attraction is a more modern take on art, and is a fun and active way to appreciate art.

Art in Paradise Pattaya

The whole concept has been designed to be interactive and encourage the visitor to get involved. Optical illusions and 3D are words that come to mind when asked to describe the gallery.

Once inside you are faced with over 100 unique and individual pieces of art which have been pained directly on the gallery’s walls, floors and ceilings to create a truly subversive experience. The artists have cleverly used a variety of tricks to deceive the eye into believing the paintings are truly 3 dimensional.

Art in Paradise is split into several themed sections. Themes include optical illusions, nature and wildlife, the ancients past, and of course being a gallery a fun take on classic pieces of art. Examples include bald eagles which appear to come to life and fly out of the paintings. Herds of Zebras running through the wall. Indiana Jones style rope bridges painted on the floor. And a giant foot ready to trample you from above.

Art In Paradise

As we have mentioned the gallery owners wanted this to be an interactive experience, so getting involved is actively encouraged. Visitors are expected to take as many photos as they wish (usually forbidden in most serious galleries). In fact you can expect to wait several minutes for your chance to get your photo as the other visitors take snap after snap of the friends and family being attacked by a giant shark.

Art in Paradise pattaya 2

The whole experience should take several hours to complete, all though this entirely up to you. You can enjoy the gallery for as long or as little as you wish. Once inside you are allowed to wander freely and at your own pace.

Art in Paradise Location,Times and Price

Art in Paradise Pattaya is conveniently located towards the northern end of second road and is only 22 meters from the baht bus stops along second road. This location is great for anyone staying in central Pattaya hotels or the larger Naklua resorts. You can arrive anytime you wish and pay on the door. However it is usually possible to get your ticket cheaper from a tour agent first.

Opening times 0900 – 2100 daily

Prices (at the door) 500THB adults, 300THB children

Overall this is another great attraction and a great way for you and your family to escape the heat and have some fun. We do think that the door prices are a little steep, and if you can find a good agent then that’s the way to go. It’s a pretty unique experience and well worth taking the camera with you. Make sure you have eaten first as food is not allowed inside the gallery.

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