Mikes Shopping Mall Pattaya

Mikes shopping mall Pattaya

I suppose the best way to describe Mikes shopping mall Pattaya is a cross between a western style department store and a Thai tourist market.

Certainly from it’s beach road frontage it looks like a traditional department store, however upon entering shoppers are faced with hundreds of independent retails all vying for your business.

Mikes shopping mall Pattaya

A combination of it’s great location on beach road, and it’s vast reputation as the place for tourists to pick up a bargain, means Mike’s shopping mall is always a busy place. Whether it’s patrons set out to visit, or curiously wandered in off the beach road? They almost always seem to leave with more bags than when they arrived.

The 5 story building is home to hundreds of retailers all offering the usual items found at a Thai market as well as a few specialist tourist items. Here you can find a vast array of clothing items, from jeans, Thai printed Tees, shorts, flips flops and fake branded trainers. As well as luggage (you might need a extra case after visiting), cosmetics and the more familiar tourist souvenirs such as Buddha images, wooden carvings and the like.


Prices inside Mike’s vary from stall to stall as dies the quality. Items very rarely have price tags, and as soon as you show the slightest interest in something the friendly stall holder will approach, calculator in hand. The purpose of the calculator is purely to display his price for the avoidance of any doubt. After the stall holder has typed in his apparent best offer, take the calculator and enter a figure roughly 25% below. After a short bit of negotiating you will settle somewhere in the middle about a 15% discount.

Mikes also offers a great Thai style food court on the upper floors offering probably the cheapest quality food on offer on beach road. And many folk simply visit to grab a bite and a bit of air-condition relief from the craziness of Pattaya beach. The food court offers similar food to street carts in a more relaxed environment. Here you can enjoy Phad Thao, Noodle soup and other favorites with each dish costing around 50-60Baht (Less than $2US).

Mike shopping mall Rooftop pool

A little know fact about Mikes shopping mall, is the roof top pool, located as the name suggests on the roof. This is a mini oasis in the heart of Pattaya, a very welcome relief from the sometimes over crowded beach. Food and refreshments are available poolside. the entrance fee is 100THB which allows access all day.

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Mikes shopping mall Pattaya occupies a great location on beach road and close to the walking street end. Baht buses run by constantly. Overall this is one of our favorite shopping spots in Pattaya and is our choice when visiting friends and family want to pick up things to take home. Great fun.

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