Pattaya Night Bazaar


The Pattaya Night bazaar is located opposite Central festival Pattaya beach second road entrance. With it’s design based on that of a more traditional street market, but sort of indoors, this is a much more comfortable experience for foreigners not used to the heat.


The market is housed in a giant permanent structure, and the stalls are not temporary like at other markets. But rather are in fixed buildings more like little mini shops. Being completely covered gives visitors great protection form the heat of the mid afternoon sun. Unlike a street market the alleyways between stall holders are much larger and roomy. This all combines to ensure visitors to the Night Bazaar experience as comfortable shopping experience as possible.

Apart being an indoor market, one of the main differences over a street market is there are no food vendors inside. This is rather strange for a Thai market, knowing how much the Thai’s love their food. But the market isn’t really designed for locals but rather for tourists. If your do find yourselves getting peckish with all the shopping, then within a short stroll of the market are endless choices for food.

Goods on offer here are also centered around the tourist over locals. And the market is full of cheap clothing the standard of which varies greatly from stall to stall, as well as souvenirs, jewelry, cosmetics and pirated dvd’s and cd’s. The very same items can in fact be found all over Pattaya at any of it’s markets or side street stalls.

Prices in the market can be extremely cheap or relatively expensive, it all depends on your ability to haggle. So practice first. Almost all the of the items are offered on a negotiable price basis, and few have price tags attached. Never ever accept the stall holders first price, and always aim for a 20-25% discount from this, which will result in a fair price for both sides. Even master hagglers will end up paying slightly more as the stall holders have bigger overheads here, location costs a lot.

It’ location right the middle of second road, and directly opposite the largest mall in town is very convenient for all those staying in the central hotels. For those staying a little further out in Naklua or Jomtien the market can be reached by using only 1 baht bus at a cost of 10 baht per person. There really is no excuse not to visit.

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Pattaya Night Bazaar is great example of a more traditional market place, and great way or you to experience the hustle and bustle of a Thai market without the hassle associated with a lot of markets. Centrally located and free to access it is a great way to while away an afternoon and grab a few bargain souvenirs to take back home.

Although it’s called the Night Market, it is in fact open pretty much all day from 09:00 until 23:00, although very early only a few stalls will be open. Best time to visit is mid afternoon when it’s in full swing and at it’s busiest. Bargain hunters come a little later when stall holders have the time to haggle and are a little tired after a days work. We find they are quicker then to lower the price.