Mini Siam Pattaya

Mini Siam Pattaya is one of the cities longest running attractions. You’ve heard the expression around the world in 80 days, well here at Mini Siam it’s More like round the world in 80 mins. Discover miniature replicas of some of Thailand’s and the worlds best sights. […]

Cultural Attractions Pattaya

The best cultural attractions Pattaya take many different forms, and have a diverse range. Such as the Thai culture itself. Buddhist temples and religion form a big part of the culutre here in Pattaya and […]

Big Buddha Hill Pattaya

One the most visited cultural sites in Pattaya. Big Buddha hill Pattaya, or Wat Phra yai is located in Pratumnak just a short 2 km drive from the center. The impressive 18 meter tall golden statue keeps a watchful eye over the city from its prime spot atop of Pratumnak hill. […]

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark Pattaya

Asia’s first cartoon netwrk waterpark, is the right here in Pattaya. With over 30 action packed slides and 150 water features this is a huge amount of fun waiting for your family. Since opening in 2014 the water park has quickly become one the most visited family attractions here in Pattaya, what are you waiting for? […]

Ripley’s believe it or not Pattaya

Ripley’s believe it or not Pattaya is designed to blow your mind with the weird and the wonderful. Not just a collection of over 350 mind blowing artifacts, Ripley’s also features, a haunted house, infinity maze, 12d Cinema and wax works featuring life-size replicas of the rich and famous. A great family attraction […]

Best shopping in Pattaya

Discover the best shopping in Pattaya, everybody loves a little retail therapy. We have spent a small fortune researching the Pattaya shopping scene to bring you the best bits so you can get straight to the bargains. […]

Best markets in Pattaya

These are our picks for the best markets in Pattaya. Here you will bargains galore. Cheap clothing, cosmetics and accessories. Don’t worry if shopping is not your thing then you it’s still worth visiting to soak up the vibrant atmosphere. […]

Best Pattaya shopping malls

Discover the best Pattaya shopping malls, air conditioned comfort, Luxury goods, big brands, great food courts and entertainment options await visitors to Pattaya’s malls […]

Jomtien Beach night market

Located halfway along Jomtein beach road, Jomtien beach night market is a popular evening hang out for Thai’s, expats, and tourists. The market here is not as popular as the weekend end night market on […]

Mikes Shopping Mall Pattaya

Mikes shopping Mall Pattaya, has long been a favorite place for tourist and visitors looking for bargain items to take home as souvenirs. But there is so much more to mikes than gifts, great food court and an amazing little know roof top oasis. […]

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