Thepprasit night market

Thepprasit night market pattaya 2

Located towards the Sukhumvit road end of Thepprasit road, Thepprasit night market Pattaya is one of the cities best shopping experiences. Loved by locals and expats alike. This bustling bazaar attracts thousands of visitors every weekend, and is one of Pattaya’s best attractions.

Thepprasit night market pattaya 2

The market is one of the largest in Pattaya and has been a regular weekend fixture for many a resident since 1999. The market is a bustling hub every weekend, with loud music,  pop up cocktail bars and the odd street performer entertaining the shoppers.

The night market itself doesn’t have one particular genre it specializes in, instead visitors can find all manner of things here. From household goods, cleaning products and utensils, to fake designer goods such as watches, sunglasses and hand bags.  In fact the markets huge range and diversity of wares on offer is the main attraction to those that frequent.

There are over 100 permanent stall holders who attend every weekend, a few occasional stall holders (mainly shops selling of excess stock) and a few plucky entrepreneurs  who lay the goods out on the street in front of the market.

Thepprasit night market food court

The market is split into 2 distinct zones, the general zone which consists of 4 rows of stall holders offering every conceivable product under the sun. Here you can easily spend 2-3 hrs wandering up and down inspecting the goods on offer. Here you will find a huge array of goods of varying prices and quality.

The most common items on offer here are fake designer watches, copied DVD’s, original and fake clothing, T-shirts and summer ware, handbags and cosmetics. Whilst there are also some very specialist retailers offering things such as car parts, home-wares, and even pets.

The second zone located towards the rear consists of two rows of food vendors (I suppose this could be considered similar to a food mart in a western mall), here there are around 80 stalls offering the widest selection of Thai and Asian street food anywhere in Pattaya. Foods on offer consists of Noodles, BBQ meats, spicy salads, salted fish and other Asian favorites.

Even if you’re not a lover of shopping, visiting the food section is well worth it to absorb the amazing smells and vibrant colors on offer. This part of the market is always busy with locals, which in our opinion is a good sign as to the quality of food on offer. A lot of the food is designed to be consumed on the go, however there a few plastic tables and chairs scattered throughout the market. Finding a spare one to sit can be challenging though.

Food at Thepprasit

The prices on offer inside the market vary greatly from stall holder to stall holder. This is mainly down to the varying quality on offer between vendors. We advise wandering around first and don’t make any instant purchases. This will allow you to gauge a fair price for the goods you are interested in. Battering is common here, especially if you are buying multiple items from the same stall.

If you have room in your suitcase, you could quite easily pick up a whole new summer wardrobe here for around 3,000Thb ($100US). We would recommend steering clear of the fake watches, firstly they very rarely last longer than a few months and you may have customs trouble when returning home. This also goes for many of the items that openly offered at all Thai markets that would either be illegal back home or require a license, such as knives, BB guns etc.


Considerations to bear in mind when visiting Thepprasit night market Pattaya:- Cash only, there are no stalls that accept credit or debit cards (there are ATMS here). Be vigilant, as with any crowded place be vigilant at all times especially if you have children in tow (then can easy wander off). Limit yourself to how much you want spend first to avoid going overboard. We recommend having a wander around first, finding items you like, then going for some food to think things over before purchasing.

Thepprasit night market Pattaya is located in Jomtien in the south of the city and is within easy reach from most Jomtien resorts. Getting here is fairly easy, you can either take a a white baht bus along sukhumvit and disembark at the outlet mall. Or alternately take a baht bus from second road towards Jomtien, alighting at Thepprasit road and getting another baht bus up to the market.

The market is open every weekend from 1700 – 2200 all though a few stalls remain later and throughout the week.

Overall Thepprasit night market Pattaya is by far our favorite market here, it’s not designed with tourists in mind and as such prices are more reasonable than other markets in town. The food court area at the back is a great introduction in to the cuisine. Well worth a visit.

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