Tukcom IT Mall Pattaya

Tukcom IT mall Pattaya

Tukcom IT mall Pattaya is a very specialist mall offering all manner of IT products. The 4 story mall in South Pattaya is dedicated to one thing only – Technology. This type of shopping experience is rarely found in the west.

Tukcom IT mall Pattaya

Tukcom is the first IT mall to open outside of Bangkok, and was an instant hit with the younger Thai’s and expats alike. Inside all manner of technology is offered in what is a sort of tomorrow’s world department store. Each of the buildings four floors is dedicated to a different genre of tech.

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There is a computing floor where you can find, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, software, printers, repairs shops and hardware. No matter what you need in the world of personal computing you are almost guaranteed to find it on this floor, be it repairing your hardware, rebooting a blue screen computer or that hard to find bit of software. A word of caution 90% of the software on offer here is fake, you can get original software but you will need to specify this is what you after.

There is also a general technology floor which doesn’t specialize in one particular area of tech, instead here you will find independent retailers offering all manner of things. From spy equipment, home security, in car technology, futuristic home wares to advanced gaming.

The most popular floor by far is the mobile tech floor, this is always packed with young locals and expats, looking for the latest mobile or tablet. All the big brands are offered by the hundred plus stalls. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and a others. You can even pick up copy I Phones here, all though we highly recommend against this, it is illegal here and back home. And they are notoriously unstable and if you run into problems with it back home, there are no places to get it repaired. Genuine Apple and Samsung products are regularly offered here before the official Thai launch date, although you will pay extra for these.

The top floor is occupied by one whole department store more like the electrical retailers we are more familiar with, here you will find everything you could possible need for the house, not really useful if you are a tourist and only visiting Pattaya.

Due to the way Tukcom Pattaya operates, with hundreds of different and independent retailers all under one roof, competition is rife among them as they all compete to win your hard earned cash. This means prices are extremely cheap as is and bartering is not rally needed. Although the real hard nosed bargain hunters among you may still be able to negotiate a further 5-10% off.

On the ground floor and a few of the adjacent side soi’s you will find several food outlets, cafes and street food carts. Meaning there is ample choice around.

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Located towards the second road end of Pattaya tai (south Pattaya road) Tukcom IT mall Pattaya is easy to find and more importantly eady to get to. There are baht buses that run up south Pattaya road from second road, but it is only 5-10 min stroll.

Overall Tukcom is great at what it does which is technology, however there really is no need to visit here unless your after something specific? If you after a more general shopping experience then there are plenty on offer in Pattaya.

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