Central Pattaya Hotels and Resort Guide

Central Pattaya hotels

Your guide to central Pattaya hotels and resorts

Our guide to central Pattaya hotels will help you decide on which is the best hotel for you in the thick of the action. Staying in a central Pattaya hotel will mean you will be within easy access to all the action, close to the beach, easy transport links for your tours and close to the party in the evening.

The area referred to as central Pattaya is from Walking street in the south to Pattaya north road, encompassing beach road, second road and third road. Although this is a fairly large area you can easily get around by public transport. Taxis and baht buses can found everywhere, and getting from Pattaya north road to walking street is only a 10 min ride (slightly longer in peak times).

There is a massive choice of hotels to choose from in Central Pattaya, from the small privately owned guests houses, to big international brands such as the Marriott or Hard Rock.

Central Pattaya hotels are great for all traveler types. Families can stay at the northern end in the larger resort style properties. Party goers should look for properties near the southern end of second road close to walking street. Any traveler looking for shopping and the beach should stay anywhere along Pattaya central road or second road.

Prices at central Pattaya hotels can vary dramatically, if your prepared to put in some leg work when you first arrive and look and around for a last minute deal, you will get a decent room for around 700thb. The big more established properties will cost 2,500thb.

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