Pattaya Nightlife | All the SEXY fun Pattaya offers

Pattaya nightlife

Many visitors come here to enjoy the world famous Pattaya nightlife and revel in the many clubs and bars the city has offer. Most of the night time fun is centered around the Walking street and beach road areas, but little pockets of bars appear across the city.pattaya nightlife


Walking stBeach roadSoi BuakaoLK MetroJomtien

Whether your here for just the weekend or an extended stay, experiencing the city’s nightlife is a must for any visitor. Although it has a reputation for the girly bars and go go’s, this is now only small proportion of what the city has to offer. Whether you looking for cabaret shows, live music venues, world class cuisine or expertly produced cocktails, you will surely find what your looking for.

Nightlife areas

If your deciding what to do at night Pattaya, then let us help you get the most out of your trip.

The scene in Pattaya is split in to a few main areas with numerous little clusters all over the city, below we have described the main spots from which you can choose to party.

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Walking Street

Walking Street Pattaya Nightlife

The famous walking street is the epicenter of the Pattaya’s party scene, stretching from Bali Hai pier in the south to beach road at the north. This neon lit street is closed to traffic from around 6pm until the early morning.

This mile long strip of pure hedonism is a mecca for party goers from all over the world. Lined with a
mix of Go Go bars, drinking bars, restaurants, world class nightclubs and live music venues anyone who visits Pattaya has to experience this party wonderland.

It’s not just about the sleazy side of Pattaya and thousands of people a night descend here to watch some great live music acts, eat fresh seafood over the water or watch one of the numerous street performers. Even organised tours of Chinese and Korean tourists regularly wander up and down the street to soak up the atmosphere.

The party doesn’t really start heating up until around 10pm So if you want to see the street but avoid the crowds you are best coming here a little earlier. Maybe have some amazing seafood and then sit and watch the crowds at one of the open air beer bars.

Walking street club pattaya

*Photo Insomnia Pattaya

However if your after throwing yourself into the thick of action then head here later and let yourself get carried away with the fun. A word of caution don’t get led by any of the locals who approach you trying to show you where to go. This is a sure fire way to pay over the odds for your drinks.

Don’t be afraid of entering any of the bars, clubs or go go’s you won’t get bitten (unless you want), the workers are all super friendly and the bad old days of getting ripped off are long gone.

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Drink prices in the Walking street area vary greatly from venue to venue, and due to the concentration of bars/clubs there is a lot of competition for your custom. Look out for regular happy hour prices that run all night at various places. It is possible to go from bar to club to bar following the happy hours to ensure you always get a good deal.

Draft beers (Chang or Leo) can be bought for as low as 69baht, especially if head down one of the side Soi’s. The most expensive drinks can be found in the busier GoGo’s and nightclubs after midnight.

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Beach road / 2nd road

The nightlife scene along Pattaya beach road is not centered around one area and is a collection of a few Soi’s evenly spaced between beach road and second road. Along beach road itself you will find a wide choice of international and Thai restaurants. Many of the establishments are independently owned and operated, but you will also find a selection of bars and restaurants that are attached to the large hotels which share this street, such as the Marriott and the Hard Rock.

When deciding what to do Pattaya at night then you will surely consider spending a evening walking along beach road. Its a great way to spend a more relaxed evening sitting at one of the beach front bars or restaurants and enjoying the slower pace.

A few of the side soi’s running between beach road and second road offer a slightly more raucous nightlife, such as soi’s 12/13 and Soi 6 at the northern end. One of the best places to enjoy an evening is the Pattaya beer garden located at the very southern end of beach road. Here you can sit out over the water and enjoy a few cold drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Pattaya beer garden is a great place to meet non working girls in Pattaya

Drinks prices along beach road can range from the very cheap privately owned bars and cocktail vans, to the very expensive hotel bars. Bars along beach road also open all day, and if your that way inclined you can sit and have a beer at 10am. Bars will generally start to wind down around midnight or 1am, when most visitors head to Walking street or LK Metro.

Beach road is a great place to stay if your looking to enjoy both walking street and beach road nightlife. Check out the best beach road hotels

Soi Buakhao Nightlife

The Soi Buakhao and LK Metro areas are fast becoming the second darling of Pattaya nightlife. Located between second and third roads, Soi Buakhao is not one of the main tourist areas. A few years ago this area was mainly only visited by expats and regular visitors. However as the word spreads this area is now frequented by more and more first time visitors looking for an alternate place from which to enjoy Pattaya nightlife.

Tourist and 4 thai girls

If your looking for things to do at night, then heading here should be on your list. You will find hundreds of small beer bars and restaurants. The atmosphere here is a little more relaxed than that of walking street and the bars are busy from about midday until 2am.

LK Metro is a small square off Soi Buakhao and the Soi Diana junction, here you will find a selection of Gogo’s and bars more similar to those found on Walking street. The LK Metro scene is a little less hectic than Walking street and is a great place to experience this side of Pattaya without the craziness.

Soi Buakhao is not closed to traffic at night and the road is a busy thoroughfare so please take care when navigating the streets, especially if you’ve enjoyed a few drinks.

Prices here can be cheaper than Walking Street especially in the Go Go’s, and most of them offer great happy hour deals. LK metro being the sort of centre of the action is the more expensive location. I would recommend heading to the numerous bars along Soi Buakhao first where you can easily find great deals on local beers for as little as 69baht a bottle.

The area around LK Metro and Soi Buakhao has some great hotels from which you can enjoy the nightlife

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Jomtien nightlife

The Jomtien nightlife is vastly different from that of central Pattaya nightlife. This a much quieter way to spend you evenings when vacationing in Pattaya. The main area to enjoy Jomtien nightlife is from the northern end of Jomtien beach road and Jomtien second roads, and the side soi’s that connect the both.

Jomtien cocktail bar

The main focus here is on a more relaxed evening. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from offering cuisines from all over the world.

Along Jomtien Beach road you will find a vast array of places from which to enjoy the more subdued atmosphere. With either a fine meal or a few quiet drinks and watching the evening drift away.

At the very southern tip of Jomtien beach road you will find a few live music venues playing western rock music to hundreds of tourists every evening. These bars are worth a visit to enjoy the jovial atmosphere. However if you visit regularly you will find the bands set is the same most evenings.

If you like a livelier scene then head to Jomtien beer bar complex on Jomtien second road. Here you will fins 50 or so small beer bars with girls, loud music and cheap beers. There is one small Go Go in Jomtien, but if this is what your after then we recommend heading into town to either Walking street or LK Metro.

Prices for drinks in Jomtien are very reasonable, even if in the larger bars and hotel restaurants.

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Gay Jomtien

The Jomtien nightlife also has large gay following and offers a variety of bars and clubs in the Jomtien complex area, which cater exclusively for the gay scene. There is also a nightly TV cabaret show in the Jomtien complex which is certainly a must see.

Jomtien night marketJomtien also offers a large night market about halfway along Jomtien beach road. Here you find hundreds of independent merchants offering cheap clothes, jewelry and other souvenirs. The prices here are not fixed and bartering with the stall holders is a must. If your after presents to take home to friends and family then spending an evening here is well worth it. As well as fake branded clothing, replica Thai artifacts and costume style jewelry you will find a large number of food vendors.

We hope the above helps you decide what to do Pattaya at night, to make the most of the nightlife. If you looking where to stay in Pattaya to enjoy the best of the Pattaya nightlife then check out our   hotel guides


The “Darkisde” area of Pattaya is not as scary as its name suggests, it simply means the other side of Sukhumvit road. The name comes from when this area was a lot less developed and therefore had less lights at night, hence Darkside.

This area is a fair trip out of the main Pattaya nightspots and is mainly a residential area, most expats live on the darkside. In recent times a decent nightlife scene has popped up here to cater for the expats. If you do fancy venturing out to this side then Soi Khao Talo, Soi Khao Noi, Siam Country Club and the Mabrachan Lake areas are worth a visit.

As this is not really a tourist spot, drink prices here are a lot cheaper and beers can be bought for less than 50baht, even later at night you’d be hard pushed to spend more than 80baht a drink. It is worth noting that bars can be quite hit and miss, you could be the only person in, or the place could be heavy. There is no real way to known what it will be like until you enter.

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