Walking Street Pattaya – (Girls, GoGo’s, Bars and more…)

Walking Street Pattaya

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Anyone planning a trip to the resort of Pattaya instantly thinks of Walking Street, but why its a seedy strip of Agogo’s and Massage Parlours right?

Well that’s not all, there’s loads more to do on this world famous strip.

Read and on and we will show all the best bits and show exactly why this is one of the best nightlife spots in Asia.


Walking street Pattaya is one of the best nightlife areas in not only Thailand but all of south east Asia. The 1km strip at the end of beach road is home to hundreds of bars, Go Go’s, restaurants and nightclubs.

The majority of visitors to Pattaya are here to party and Walking street is the epicenter of the nightlife scene.

The experience Walking Street Pattaya

If you’re a first time visitor to Pattaya then get ready for a surprise. This is like nothing you’ll have ever experienced before. This has to be one of the greatest concentrations of night time venues anywhere in the world.

Walking Street Pattaya

From the moment you enter this famous party zone from its beach road entrance, you will be struck by the sheer number of neon lights advertising the many bars, clubs and restaurants. This is when you first realise just how much fun you can have here.

The place is absolutely buzzing ever night of the week, the number of venues is matched only by the volume of people who head here every evening. As the sun sets thousands of tourists, expats and tour groups descend for a night of sin.

From 1800 until 0200 the road is closed to vehicles, and the strip becomes a swarm of people. From the moment you enter you will greeted by friendly Thai girls hoping to entice you into their venue. We would recommend resisting the inevitable urge to head into the first bar that takes your fancy. Instead take a wonder down a just get a feel for the whole thing first. Then once you have seen most of what it offers pick your spot and head in.

The excitement of the whole thing is sure to get your heart racing.

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Walking street Bars, cubs and Go Go’s

The choice of venues here is truly immense. We can’t think of anywhere in else that has such a dense concentration of venues. No matter what type of evening you are looking for, you will be catered for here.

The whole 1 kilometer strip and the connecting soi’s that run back to second road, are filled with venues.

Beer bars (Open air bars)

beer bar walking street pattaya

Every few hundred meters or so you will notice large open air complexes. Inside there are 20-30 independent little beer bars. Each of these venues will consist of a small bar and seating area, each staffed with several pretty Pattaya girls. Some will also have pool tables and sports TV’s.

These are in our opinion the best place to start your evening. The drinks are the cheapest you will find on walking street. Bottles of beer are generally around 70thb but vary from bar to bar. Also many offer happy hours until around 9pm.

Try and get a seat at the entrance to the complex, from there you will have a great spot for a little people watching, and to soak up the atmosphere.

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Go Go’s (Agogo)

Agogo walking street

The main attraction for many visitors to Walking Street Pattaya is a visit to one of the many Agogo bars that can found all the way along the street. The inside of these venues is closed to the public eye, and if you want to see inside you will have to enter. Don’t be shy these are perfectly safe venues to enter.

Once inside the main layout is the same in most places. A central stage area adorned with young scantly clad Thai ladies dancing around (some very well, some not so). The seating areas will surround the stage, allowing all the customers a good view of the stage.

All the girls inside will be willing to come and sit with you if you wish, for the price of a lady drink (150Thb). You do not  need to sit with a girl, in fact many patrons just sit alone, enjoy there drinks and watch the goings on.

Many of the venues have special shows with which to distinguish themselves from the norm, these shows are well worth watching. Most are professional dancers, acrobats and performers. One of the most famous shows is at Angel Witch Agogo, which has several show times each evening. Get there 20 mins before the show starts to guarantee a seat as the place fills up quickly.

Drink prices inside the Agogo’s varies from venue to venue, but most are reasonably priced when you consider the entertainment you get on top of your drink. Princes range from 80thb for draft, up to 150thb for a bottle of beer. In all venues you will be given a running total of what you’ve spent so far every time you order a drink. This is a great way to keep an eye on your bill and ensure no nasty surprises when it comes to time to leave.

Live music venues

live music venue walking street

There are several large open air bars dotted along Pattaya Walking Street that have live bands of varying genres. These venues are great for one or maybe two visits as the set is generally the same each night.

The bands are OK, nothing special but they are great at getting the audience up and lively. If you like your music you will surely enjoy spending a few hours in one of these venues during your evening.

Drinks prices are mid range and a bottle of beer will cost around 100-120thb depending on venue. As well as live music, you can also enjoy pool (20thb a game) or watch sports on the many tv’s.

Be warned if you invite one the hostesses to a game of pool, they are all very good and you will likely get taught a lesson.


There are many great nightclubs on walking street. Each has its own vibe and feel and most will be open until the sun comes up.

The clubs are extremely popular and are generally very busy every night of the week. Most don’t get going until after midnight. The clubs are a favorite of both younger tourist and locals.

Drinks prices inside the clubs are the most expensive of all walking street venues, but at 180-200thb a beer still cheap compared to a big club in most cities.

Check out the top nightclubs in Pattaya here.


restaurant walking street pattaya

As well as the drinking establishments, the strip is also home to several restaurants. Most of the eateries serve international cuisine as well as Thai favorites. The largest and most popular restaurants are the seafood joints located on the water side.

These serve fresh seafood which is displayed at the front in a market style. Here you can pick which lobster or King prawn you want from the display and have it cooked and served to you, while you enjoy the ambiance. Sitting ou the back of these restaurants you will have a great view of Pattaya bay.

The food quality on offer is by no means the best in Pattaya but is of a good standard. Prices however are expensive when compared to other areas of the city. For the best food and eateries in Pattaya check out our guide 

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