Phuket Nightlife Guide | Party in Phuket UPDATED 2018

Phuket Nightlife Guide

Although not quite as crazy as Bangkok or Pattaya, Phuket nightlife still has plenty to offer the party animal in you. No matter what your looking for, sipping cocktails under the moonlight, live music, sexy go go’s or western style super clubs? You will find the right nightlife for you in Phuket.

Phuket nightlife

Patong or more precisely Bangla road is considered the epicenter of the Phuket’s partying scene, but if this is a little to raucous for you then there are plenty of other areas to keep you entertained at night.

Use our guide to the different nightlife areas to ensure your night goes off with a bang, no matter where your staying on Phuket

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Patong nightlife

Patong Bangla road - Phuket nightlife areaBangla road is one of the most famous party roads in Asia and rightly so. Situated in the bustling tourist hot spot of Patong there is a real party atmosphere here every day. The relatively short road and the side Soi’s that run of it are closed to traffic in the evening making it the perfect area to stumble around drunk at night. The Bangla road area is where you will find the beer bars and Gogo’s. Even if your not after this sort entertainment it is still definitely worth a wander around just to experience it.

In and around the Bangla road area is where you will find the best nightclubs in and live music venues the Patong nightlife scene has to offer. Most of the live music venues here are rock music orientated and the bands play covers of good singalong tunes to get the crowds going. There are also several large western and Thai style nightclubs which open until the early hours.

Patong also has other little pockets of bars and restaurants in and around the town which are well worth visiting especially if your looking for a more sedate evening. Central Patong isn’t that large and most bars a restaurants can be easily accessed via foot.

With Patong being the main hot spot for revelers in Phuket, prices are quite high and in the bars along the main strip you can easily pay upwards of 120thb for a local beer such as Chang. In the nightclubs things are even more expensive. Having said that most bars will offer a happy hour for those early starters.

Kamala nightlife 

Kamala is not the area to choose if your after a big party, that being said there are still plenty of things to do at night. The area generally is geared towards locals and expats living here full time. Around the center of kamala you will find a selection of small to mid size bars offering background music, pool tables and live sports on the TV.

Prices in Kamala are cheaper than those of Patong and Bangla road, and you can expect to pay around 80-100thb for a local beer such as Singha or Leo, imported beers are more and cost around 120thb or more.

The beach area also has a selection of small beach front bars for those looking for that paradise moment of sipping cocktails watching the sunset. If your after fine dining experience then there are plenty of top notch restaurants both hotel affiliated and independently operated.

Kamala nightlife is more suited to those looking for romantic getaways.

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Kata nightlife

The Kata nightlife scene is split into two distinct areas, the northern end and the southern end. Knowing what you want from your evening first will ensure you end up in the right part of town.

Kata nightlifeThe Southern end of Kata is where the main and more lively nightlife scene is. Here you will find many restaurants to choose from, as well as good selection of sports bars showing live sporting events from across the globe.

The northern end of Kata is where you will find the more sedate nightlife. In this area you will find some fine dining venues as well as few small beer bars and live music venues.


The Kata nightlife scene offers you a little taste of everything without the craziness of its its noisy neighbor Patong making it a great place for families to enjoy Phuket nightlife.

If you are after a real big party though don’t expect here as the general closing time is around midnight for most bars. We recommend maybe starting your evening here and if you do want to carry on then jump a cab up to Patong, which will set you back 400-500thb.

Karon nightlife

The Karon nightlife is rather subdued and is really focused on the small town center, where you will find a small selection of eateries along with a handful of small bars and live music venues. There aren’t really any beer bars or sports venues here. On the whole Karon is very chilled and a great place just to sit relax and enjoy a few cold beverages whilst planning your next days activities.

Karon is only a short distance Kata and Patong where you will find more lively things to do at night.

Karon nightlife is really only for those looking for a real chilled evening out, maybe some good food and a couple of cold beers. Prices here are very reasonable and a bottle of local beer is around 80thb.

Phuket city Nightlife

The nightlife in the islands capital is not really geared for holidaymakers and tourists. It is generally where the locals go to unwind and have fun. Having said this you are more than welcome to come along and enjoy the nightlife Thai style. The locals are extremely friendly and you will be welcomed wherever you enter. This is a great place to come to get away from the crowds.

Phuket nightlife areas - Phuket townThe nightlife spots in Phuket City are very spread out and trying to guide somebody where to go is not really possible, our best advice would be just head to the center and wander. We promise as long as you use a little common sense you will be safe and have a great evening.

Phuket city is home to many restaurants of all nationalities as well as music bars and sports bars. There is a small Thai orientated girly scene and we strongly recommend not participating in this, if your after that sort of thing head to the tourist focused Patong.

Prices across the city vary from venue to venue and you can expect to pay anywhere from 75-150thb for a local beer, the smaller quieter bars will be the best value for money. Don’t forget to keep enough for taxi back to the hotel whicch will most likely be double the price you paid to get here (prices do go up as the evening progresses).

We hope our guide to the different Phuket nightlife areas has helped you decide on your evening plans?

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