Pattaya shopping guide

Pattaya shopping guide

This Pattaya shopping guide has been put together to help you navigate the pitfalls of shopping in Pattaya. The city offers an abundance of shopping opportunities for those visiting. It is virtually impossible to walk 20 meters without being approached by some sort of street vendor offering you their wares.

The opportunities for shopping in Pattaya are vast, from the constant stream of hawkers trying to peddle fake goods to you whilst you try and sit and enjoy a coffee, to the large western style shopping malls packed with designer shops, and everything in between. Our Pattaya shopping guide will help navigate this maze and show where to get the best deals and best quality.

We will guide you through the street vendors, the night markets and Pattaya shopping malls, to ensure you find what your looking for, and avoid the scams.

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Pattaya shopping malls

Pattaya features several shopping malls which offer great opportunities for retail therapy. The largest is Central Festival mall located towards the northern end of beach and second road (next to soi9). This a large, modern air conditioned mall similar to those found in western countries. Here you will find the usual array of large multi national retailers such as GAP, Banana Republic and Marks and Spencer’s. The mall also features are large basement food court where you can find food from all over the world.

Central festival pattaya shopping mallAnother popular Pattaya shopping mall is Royal Garden Plaza located half way along beach road. Royal Garden Plaza is very similar although slightly smaller than Central festival. The only difference between the two is the brand of retailer inside.

Shopping in either of these malls is very similar to what you will find back home, and the prices will be similar as well(sometimes higher). Prices are generally fixed and battering is not common practice here.

Mikes shopping mall also located on beach road. Offers a more department store style experience. Packed with many independent retailers offering everything from tacky gifts to fake designer handbags. Beware when shopping here the labels are often fake and the quality is compromised. battering is welcome and it is generally accepted to pay 25-30% below starting prices.

Tuk Com electronics mall pattayaTuk Com is a specialist Pattaya shopping experience for anyone looking for technology and electronics. If you are deciding where to shop in Pattaya for electronics then this is your only real option. Packed with hundreds of stalls and shops offering every conceivable piece of technology you could need. Each floor is dedicated to a different theme, one for phones and tablets, another offering computers and laptops., and another to home technology etc.

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Shopping markets / Night Bazars

Any Pattaya shopping experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of it’s many markets. There a many markets here from small 20 stall markets to large sites with several hundred vendors. Markets are open day and night meaning you can shop around the clock.

Thepprasit night market PattayaThe most popular shopping market in Pattaya is Thepprasit night market. Located at the junction of Sukhumvit highway and Thepprasit road. This large night market is held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

If your looking where to shop in Pattaya for cheap clothes, jewelry or souvenirs then Thepprasit night market should be your first choice. With over 200 stalls all competing for your tourist dollars, prices are very reasonable. Naturally prices are not fixed and bettering is part of the whole shopping experience.

A point to remember when battering, use common sense these hard working Thais are making a meager living. Getting a 100/200 baht discount off your bill is great fun, but leaving the vendor with little or no profit is not good. When shopping here or at any other market in Pattaya, bear in mind quality varies greatly from stall to stall. Take your time to wander around an gain experience of the what certain items are going for before committing to a purchase.

For other nighttime options take a look at our Pattaya nightlife guide

Street vendors and Hawkers

Wherever you are in Pattaya you will either walk past a small street side stall or be approached by a vendor offering cheap fake goods. The offerings vary from tourist souvenirs, fake clothing, bad quality copy watches, fake CD/DVD’s and even fake cigarettes.

street hawker pattayaAfter only a short time here this can become very annoying and can quickly ruin the nice stroll or relaxing drink you set out to achieve. We would urge you to use extreme caution when purchasing anything form these types of vendors. The quality is extremely low, and prices can be higher than is fair. The best way to handle the hawkers is either not to make eye contact or engage with them in the first place. If your are approached and don’t want to buy, be polite and respectful when declining their offers. Remember they are only trying to earn a few baht to live on through hard work, much better being pestered by a hawker than being robbed.

If you do want to buy, these are great way to test your bargaining skills. The vendors are extremely skilled in the art of negotiating and would probably give anyone a run for their money on “The Apprentice”. We suggest not paying more than 50% of the starting price. Don’t expect your purchases to last long or be of great quality. The first watch we bought from a street hawker was a fake rolex, the standard was so bad the numbers 9 and 10 on the dial were in the wrong place.

Pattaya shopping tours

Many large tour operators, tour guides and taxi drivers will often offer to take you on a Pattaya shopping tour. They will offer you a very reasonable price for their services. Often promising to show the best shops and where to shop in Pattaya for bargains and quality. Just remember no one works for free and these people on often on a hefty commission from the stores they take you to. Ultimately you are paying for their services through over inflated prices.

There are many shopping areas they will offer to take you to such as Pattaya floating market, large jewelry wholesalers and Mimosa outlet.

There is nothing wrong with going on one of these tours as such, just use your common sense and don’t make any rash purchases. You wouldn’t go and blow several thousand dollars on a gem stone at home without doing proper research first so don’t do it on vacation. Check out our Pattaya tours and attractions page for more advice on tours

Central festival Pattaya beach shopping mall

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