Tiffany’s show Pattaya

No visit to Pattaya would be complete without watching one of the transvestite shows. Tiffany’s show Pattaya is the original and in our opinion still the best.

Tiffany's show pattaya

Tiffany’s started off in 1974 as a one man show purely for friends and family. Since then it has grown into one of the worlds best shows and was recently ranked 4th in a list of the top 10 shows on earth. Since 1974 millions of visitors from all corners of the globe have had the experience of Tiffany’s Pattaya.

The rise of Tiffany’s is almost as meteoric as that of Pattaya itself. From it’s small beginnings as a one man show some 28 years ago, it has grown into it’s own brand new 1000 seat theater. Complete with state of the art sound and lighting installations, professional crew and of course it 100 magnificent full time performers.

The show itself is spectacular, glamorous and loud. Don’t expect award winning choreography or Grammy award winning voices. Tiffany’s is a jovial, fun and warming show which is suitable for the whole family. Great costumes, stunning sets and amazing light shows await those who visit.

Tiffany cabaret pattaya

The show lasts approximately 1 and a half hours, during which you will be transported through all corners of the globe, through the medium of dance. Experience a comedy take on Broadway, Bollywood, Burlesque and more. The Tiffany girls really know how to put on riotous show that will have the whole audience tapping there feet, clapping there hands and enjoying a great evening.

After the show DO NOT rush off, instead make your way to the car park at the front of the auditorium, where after a short while the beautiful performers will emerge. Still in costume the stunning ladies will wander around meeting the audience and stopping for photo’s. Expect to tip the girls 50thb per photo.

Tiffany’s show Pattaya is conveniently located towards the northern end of second road, with easy reach of central hotels and on the main baht bus route.

There are 3 shows a day 1800, 1930 and 2100. Tickets can be bought at the door, but be warned they only sell full price tickets at the theater. You can pre-purchase here so you don’t miss out

Ticket price vary throughout the year.

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