Royal Wing suites top 10 Best hotels in Pattaya

Best Hotels in Pattaya

December 27, 2016 thailan9 0

Our guide to the 10 best hotels in Pattaya. We have hand picked these hotels just for you. Based on levels of luxury, service and amenities these really are the best hotels to book if you are after the best here in Pattaya.

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Bangkok to Pattaya – Complete guide

October 28, 2016 thailan9 1

Travelling around Thailand can be notoriously difficult, let us show you the easy ways to get from Bangkok to Pattaya. We have the perfect trips covered for all budgets. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey

Best Nightclubs on Walking street Pattaya

June 5, 2016 thailan9 0

With so much choice on offer, it can be a little hit and miss when deciding on which club to choose for your night out. Don’t waste valuable nights, and hard earned money going the mediocre nightclubs. We done the research for you discover the best clubs on walking street now

Lucifer walking street 2

Lucifer Disko Pattaya

June 5, 2016 thailan9 0

Always one of the first spots to fill up, Lucifers Disko Pattaya is a good old fashioned pot of fun. Great music, live bands, reasonable drink prices and an unpretentious crowd. One of the best spots on walking street if your looking for a good night out.

Mixx Discotheque Pattaya

June 5, 2016 thailan9 0

Mixx discotheque Pattaya is the best around, and is a regular fixture among the young, cool and hip locals. Located at the end of Walking street, it really is worth the effort to get here. Packed every night of the week this is the place to be seen.

Marine Disco Pattaya

Marine Disco Pattaya

June 5, 2016 thailan9 0

One of walking streets first nightclubs, Marine disco Pattaya has been a nightlife regular for several decades. Back in it’s day it was the only […]

The Pier nightclub Pattaya

The Pier Nightclub Pattaya

June 5, 2016 thailan9 0

The Pier nightclub walking street, is often busy with large groups of younger Thai’s and expats. A clever mix of both Thai style nightclub and European discotheque it appeals to wider audience than other clubs here