Best Nightclubs on Walking street Pattaya

In our opinion these are the best nightclubs on Walking street. Pattaya and especially walking street are famed the world over for a nighttime destination. But so many bars, clubs and go go’s how do you know which is best?

This isn’t a problem if you live here year round, you can simply try a different one each night until you find what you like. But the majority of folk looking to party on walking street are here on holiday, some only have a few days, some a couple of weeks and some a month or two.

But what they don’t have is the time to waste an evening in a mediocre club, getting ripped of drinks, listening to a DJ who is worse than my Ipod on shuffle mode.

The variation here is immense, drink prices range from venue to venue and from cheap to darn right expensive. Music is also varied from live old school rock right the way through the decades and genres to modern trance. And atmosphere probably the most important factor is also vastly different from venue to venue.

Not to worry we have partied hard over the years, and we have done all this for you, no honestly. Just so we can bring you the best, and allow you get maximum partying out of your trip to walking street. The choice is immense and it has taken a lot of hard work and research to filter out the worst.

No matter your personal preference when it comes to music, party and decor we are sure you will find you prefect nightclub from the list below.

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Marine Disco Pattaya

Marine Disco Pattaya

One of walking streets first nightclubs, Marine disco Pattaya has been a nightlife regular for several decades. Back in it's day it was the only proper nightclub on the strip, nowadays there are several newer, better clubs around. Marine has been here nearly as long as walking street itself, and
Lucifer walking street 2

Lucifer Disko Pattaya

Always one of the first spots to fill up, Lucifers Disko Pattaya is a good old fashioned pot of fun. Great music, live bands, reasonable drink prices and an unpretentious crowd. One of the best spots on walking street if your looking for a good night out.

808 Club Pattaya walking street

Club 808 Pattaya is the latest super club to the nightlife scene here. opened in 2014 it has quickly established itself as one of the premier venues here. A favorite among the rich and cool local crowd, and younger tourists all looking for the a real clubbing scene. 808 would
The Pier nightclub Pattaya

The Pier Nightclub Pattaya

The Pier nightclub walking street, is often busy with large groups of younger Thai’s and expats. A clever mix of both Thai style nightclub and European discotheque it appeals to wider audience than other clubs here

Mixx Discotheque Pattaya

Mixx discotheque Pattaya is the best around, and is a regular fixture among the young, cool and hip locals. Located at the end of Walking street, it really is worth the effort to get here. Packed every night of the week this is the place to be seen.

Club Insomnia Pattaya – Walking st

Club Insomnia is one of Pattaya’s most popular nightclubs, packed every night of the week with young Thais, expats and tourist. The club packs a punch with it awesome sound system and accompanying light shows. If you looking for a high standard evening, with great music and loads of dancing

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