Marine Disco Pattaya

Marine Disco Pattaya

One of walking streets first nightclubs, Marine disco Pattaya has been a nightlife regular for several decades. Back in it’s day it was the only proper nightclub on the strip, nowadays there are several newer, better clubs around.

Marine Disco Pattaya

Marine has been here nearly as long as walking street itself, and although it has gone through many refurbishments, it is clearly evident to anyone who visits that the club is older than the other nightclubs nearby. Having said that we don’t visit a club to admire the quality of interior. No we look for atmosphere and Marine certainly packs a punch on this front.

Marine Disco Pattaya 2

The club suffers a little from it’s size, it is by far the largest on Walking street, I’m sure when it was the only the nightclub here this was a massive advantage. But now the reveler has more options it can sometimes can feel a little sparse in here, especially earlier on in the evening. Marine is often the last club on the strip to fill up. Weekends are different though, when during the first few hours of opening, the place is packed out by those who have come to see the live band. Most nights of the week it doesn’t really get into full swing until around 1am, but not to worry it doesn’t close until 0600.

Inside the Marine you will find a large dance floor, area, plenty of seating and for some random reason lots of pool tables? We are not sure who goes to a nightclub to play pool, certainly not us. But they do seem to get used, especially by the foreigners and their temporary Thai girlfriends. Maybe it is a good way for them to break the ice. Any how they don’t intrude on the main dance floor or seating areas.

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