Club Insomnia Pattaya – Walking street

Of all the nightclubs along Walking Street, Insomnia Pattaya is by far the most popular. Packed to the rafters every night of the week, the club is hugely popular with tourists, expats, Pattaya’s best freelance girls and young Thai’s.

Club insomnia Pattaya

Insomnia is actually two different venues, Ibar which occupies the ground floor and is easily identifiable along Walking Street and Iclub which is the based on the second floor above the bar. The neither if which are particularly large, but both are among the most popular night spots in Pattaya.

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Ibar walking street

Ibar is a sleek, modern and very stylish bar. More like a city center venue in any other major city, than a walking street bar. It’s is not packed with working girls or showgirls. But seems to attract groups of younger Thai students and casual workers. Although Ibar opens at 1800 it doesn’t really get busy until later in the evening, pretty much in line with the rest of the area. The venue is long and slim at the front, but as you get towards the back, it opens out behind the it’s neighbors and is actually larger than first impression.

The music in Ibar is chilled and more relaxing than it’s upstairs club, but can get a little loud at times. But if you are here to start your evening then the vibe and volume is perfect. However if your after a relaxing drink over the bay then it’s probably not for you.

Ibar walking street pattaya

Drinks in ibar are comparable to other bars/clubs in the area. But for those of you savvy drinkers, they have what is probably the best Happy Hour on Walking Street, and from open until 2200 bottles of beer are only 35 baht a mere 2 baht above wholesale prices.

Iclub Walking street

Iclub, better known as club insomnia is the main attraction here, and Ibar is there as a feeder to funnel people up stairs. The nightclub opens later than the downstairs bar, and the doors open around 2300 (you have to allow for Thai time), but don’t leave it too late it is often packed out by midnight.

The venues footprint mimics that of downstairs, long and slim, and is cleverly lit and designed to make it feel significantly larger than it is. The club is no fly by the night operation, they have spent some serious money inside here. The live good standard DJ’s pump out bass filled dance music all night long from an awesome sound system. which is all accompanied by amazing light shows, you could easily be in any Ibiza venue inside here.

The nightclub attracts people from right across the spectrum, loads of younger Thai girls, expat’s, and freelancers as well as the tourist groups. The atmosphere is great and trouble is extremely rare, the security seem really on the ball and professional here.

Prices reflect that the fact you are in on of Pattaya’s premier night spots and are higher than most Go Go’s around which is saying something. If your are resident or long term visitor then check out the groups VIP card, which gives you access to cheaper drinks all night as well as the VIP zone. There is also a happy hour when the club first opens offering 50% off all drinks until midnight.

*photo’s courtesy of Insomnia group

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