Nong Nooch Tropical gardens Pattaya


One of the most popular attractions here is the Nong Nooch tropical gardens Pattaya. These botanical gardens are an absolute must for anyone visiting the city, and make for a great day out for the family or for couples.  Nong Nooch gardens are located approximately 20km out of  the city center near kilometer marker 168 along Sukhumvit highway. As such if you don’t have your own car or a hire vehicle then you will need to be on an organised tour or take a private taxi.

Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens Pattaya

The gardens themselves are spread out across nearly 500 acres of beautifully manicured botanical gardens. Being spread out across such a large area we would highly recommend renting some of the bicycles on offer, which will allow you to explore at your own leisure. Walking around the gardens is an option but it is highly unlikely that you get to see a lot.

For those of you who don’t fancy cycling in the high Thai heat, then the Nong Nooch hop on hop off bus takes passengers around the gardens stopping at various points along the way. The great thing about this is you get on and off as you please, allowing you take in all the gardens without exerting too much energy.

The standard of gardens here are extremely high and the gardeners often perform at the Royal Chelsea flower show in London.

Whilst exploring you will embark upon a botanical journey through the world, experiencing 17th century French gardens, a Stonehenge replica, tropical gardens, south American species and our favorite the European renaissance gardens. The gardens are now host to over 1 million different species of flora and fauna, although the head gardener admits they cannot name or document them all.


We all know that botanical gardens may not be everyone’s idea of a great day out, and so do Nong Nooch. Which is why they also put on a few other attractions to help keep the whole of the family entertained whilst here. So as well as admiring the beauty of the habitat, guests can also enjoy the Thai cultural show, which showcases the variance of the Thai culture through music and dance, Muay Thai spectacles (these are not real fights and are highly choreographed shows).

Great for the younger ones are the Elephant talent shows. You can get up close and personal with the elephants before the show by feeding them bananas. During the show you will observe 1 tonne elephants elegantly dancing, playing football and darts and even riding bicycles. Families can also enjoy elephant rides, paddle boats and of course cycling.

Near the main car park for those who drive, and for those who don’t we highly recommend heading up the Nong Nooch petting farm, where the little ones can feed goats, sheep and pet a variety of more familiar animals.

Overall this is a great day out for anyone visiting Pattaya, and is a great way to spend a whole day. Things to bear in mind are to wear sensible clothing and shoes. Wear a hat as the sun can get strong in the middle of day. Sunscreen is an absolute must if your outside all day.

Refreshments are available it is still a good idea to bring plenty of drinking water with you.

Nong Nooch tropical gardens Pattaya is open daily from 09:00 through to 17:00 and tickets can be bought at the gate on entry. Although for those without a car you are better buying from an agent in town who can also organize transport for you.

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