Best Pattaya shopping malls

Pattaya offers a variety of shopping experiences and this our pick of the Best Pattaya shopping malls. More like shopping experiences we are used to in the west.

Air-conditioned comfort, good design and familiar brands await those who visit the city’s malls. Luxury and convenience are the order of the day. Quality is far greater here than at any of Pattaya’s markets but that all means costs are higher.

Like malls you will be familiar with back home, these all offer more than just great shops, they have awesome food courts, entertainment and much more. These malls are open 7 days a week from early morning until late in the evening, meaning you get your shopping fix when ever it takes your fancy.

If you are looking for some serious shopping then check out the best Pattaya shopping malls.

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Harbor Mall Pattaya

Pattaya’s latest shopping experience is the Harbor Mall Pattaya, centrally located and with a host of great shops and attractions this sure to be one o the busiest malls here. Includes Pattaya’s first ever ice rink and trampoline park.
Mikes shopping mall Pattaya

Mikes Shopping Mall Pattaya

Mikes shopping Mall Pattaya, has long been a favorite place for tourist and visitors looking for bargain items to take home as souvenirs. But there is so much more to mikes than gifts, great food court and an amazing little know roof top oasis.
Tukcom IT mall Pattaya

Tukcom IT Mall Pattaya

Specializing in technology, Tukcom IT mall Pattaya is a haven for all gadget enthusiasts. Looking for the latest mobile, tablet or computer. Or fancy yourself as a bit james Bond you will find what you need in here.

Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya

Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya bills itself as an "Entertainment mall". The aim of it's developers was to create a truly multi faceted destination, which attracts shoppers, tourists and entertainment seekers alike. The air conditioned mall is a welcome escape from the heat of Pattaya beach road. Located towards the walking
Factory outlet mall Pattaya

Factory Outlet Mall Pattaya

The Factory outlet mall Pattaya is a great shopping experience especially among those looking for real quality at bargain prices. Expect to find big brands at big discounts here, all within easy reach of Pattaya center.
Central festival Pattaya beach shopping mall

Central festival Pattaya beach Shopping

Central Festival Pattaya beach is the largest shopping experience available in Pattaya. Located in the center along beach road this is a firm favorite of locals and expats alike. Looking for some seriously good shopping then check out central festival.

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